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Umbrella Insurance

You’ve been careful to protect yourself and your company with the right insurance. You’ve chosen your policies to ensure that they’ll cover most foreseeable issues at a price-point that’s best for your company. But there may be an unusual instance where you need more coverage. This is where Umbrella Insurance can be your best ally.
Umbrella Insurance—Added Protection to Your Existing Policies
In the event of a circumstance or lawsuit where costs reach beyond the compensation limits of your current policies, Umbrella Insurance is there to cover it for you.

Affordable Umbrella Insurance Protects You

In almost all instances, your existing insurance will cover whatever life throws at your business. But there may be the rare circumstance where more is needed. In such times, you may ask yourself why you wouldn’t simply increase your existing coverage rather than invest in Umbrella Insurance. The answer is both a matter of broad coverage and cost savings to you.

A single Umbrella Insurance policy can be applied to several of your existing policies. It can be used to supplement whichever policy you need to make use of, whenever you need it.

Umbrella Insurance is surprisingly affordable, too. This leads to cost savings for you, since you may not need to increase each of your policies individually. Our highly-trained representatives can help you decide if Umbrella Insurance can benefit you and your business.
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Boost Your Other Policies

Umbrella Insurance and other supplementary insurance can give you peace of mind that you’re covered in any circumstance. With affordable policies and the expert care of Koch Insurance Group, you can feel confident that you’ve got the right coverage.
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