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Commercial General Liability Insurance

As a contractor, you take pride in your work, your workmanship, and your employees. You also know that you belong to an industry that is labor intensive. The chances of injury or risk are some of the highest of any business. It may not be pleasant but imagine what could go wrong on your worksites and places of business. Will you be able to cover the costs if you’re subject to a lawsuit because:

• A customer is injured on your premises?
• An employee damages a customer’s property?
• A personal claim of libel or slander is filed against your business?

Be proactive and safeguard the business and livelihood you’ve worked so hard to create. Let Koch Insurance Group help you explore the full range of commercial General Liability Insurance.

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

General Liability Insurance should be considered the foundation of protecting your contracting business. It shields you from three of the most common types of litigation you may face:

Injuries to third parties (people other than your employees) occurring on your property.
You never know when a customer might slip and fall or be injured on your premises. If they file a lawsuit, it could be financially devastating to your business. General Liability Insurance protects you and your business by covering compensation and ongoing medical costs awarded by the courts.
(For injuries to employees, please see Workers Compensation Insurance)

Damage to a customer’s property caused by your business
An employee accidently damages a customer’s property – it’s not an uncommon scenario. But if it leads to a lawsuit, it could cost you unless you’re covered by General Liability Insurance.

Libel, misappropriation, or copyright infringement
Do you email and talk with potential clients, current customers, and other business professionals? Do you advertise? Of course, you do. But these necessary, everyday activities could also put you at risk if someone decides to bring suit. General Liability Insurance covers you, so you can go about the business of growing your contracting company without added concern.

Contractor General Liability

General Liability Insurance Safeguards Your Livelihood

You’ve worked hard to build the business you can be proud of. And regardless of the size of your construction or contracting business, you want to see it grow and become even more profitable.

Don’t let a slip or fall, a bit of damaged property, or a litigious person ruin it all for you.

Don’t risk your business and your livelihood by foregoing General Liability Insurance. Reach out to our specialized representatives at Koch Insurance Group today and find the perfect policy for your unique business. You need the peace of mind and protection that General Liability Insurance will give you.

Contact us today to discover why general liability should be the backbone of your protection plan. 
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