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Inland Marine Insurance

Protection for Your Equipment

When you or your employees travel to a worksite, it’s likely that the tools of your trade are in your vehicles. Without them, it would be nearly impossible to carry out a day’s work. And if that equipment happened to be damaged in transit, it would be costly to replace, and also costly in the lost time and missed deadlines because you didn’t have the necessary supplies.

Inland Marine Insurance protects your business against the loss of your regularly used materials, tools, and equipment while you’re traveling. With it, even with a loss event, your business can continue without delay and your projects can be completed.

Avoid Costly Loss and Replacement

Your business has likely invested quite a bit in equipment and materials. It may have taken years to accumulate the quality tools that you rely on daily to keep your business running. If they should be lost, or damaged while you travel, how expensive would it be to replace them out of pocket? How much time would be lost on a job because you didn’t have the tools and materials you needed to continue?

The addition of Inland Marine Insurance protects you and keeps your business going. Reach out to Koch Insurance Group today and see how a comprehensive insurance plan, including Inland Marine Insurance, can help you.
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Consider Inland Marine Insurance

Contact Koch Insurance Group today and see how Inland Marine Insurance can protect your valuable business by protecting your tools and equipment while on the road.

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