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February 2, 2022

Are businesses legally required to buy commercial property insurance in Texas?


No! You can do without it if you aren’t afraid of burglars, fires, explosions, storms, ice, sleet, burst pipes, and vandalism. When you live in the world we all live in today, it’s definitely unwise not to have it, but the law doesn’t require it. Most savvy business people consider it crucial with the perils of doing business in today’s world. It is also true that if you have a mortgage on your property, your lender can require commercial property insurance.

When you buy commercial property insurance, you can include coverage for damages you consider possible according to your location and their likelihood of happening. For instance, you might want coverage for sprinkler leakage, sinkholes, hail, lightning, smoke damage, employee theft, forgery, public riots and something as rare as volcanoes. Flood, hurricane and earthquake coverage can be added, as well as coverage for natural damages from insects and vermin. Almost anything that can happen to your business can be covered. And you can even get coverage for lost income in case you are unable to do business after the damaging event.

Koch Insurance Group’s experts will tailor your policy to your needs. We know the area we live in and know which dangers are possible and which ones are likely. We will work with you to come up with coverage that will give you peace in knowing you and your business are protected. Contact us for a consultation.

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