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October 7, 2022

Are you new to the plumbing world and have been keeping your much-prized tools and equipment in a locked shed behind your home?


Not a good idea!

While the squirrels and rats won’t be interested, thieves and vandals might. And what about the local children who like to check out structures like sheds and barns?

It may be time to move into your own building with an office and a secure place to store your tools and equipment. But, whatever you do, whether it’s the shed or a building with an office, you need commercial property insurance to cover any losses due to vandalism, thievery, fire, rain, or other disasters as specified in the policy. Your personal property insurance won’t cover your business property.

Commercial property insurance will not only cover your tools and equipment, but it will also cover the building and everything in it, including furniture, computers, filing cabinets, phone systems, and your personal property and that of other people you work with. Even if you are renting the building, it will also be covered.

So, if you are a plumber or some other contractor like a carpenter, electrician, drywaller, or HVAC installer, you need commercial property insurance protection in case of a disaster that otherwise would close you down. Contact Koch Insurance Group experts for an appointment to get the coverage you need.

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