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February 17, 2023

Avoiding Holes In Your Construction Contractor Liability Coverage


Leaving holes in your liability coverage is dangerous for any business, and even more so for construction contractors. It is much too easy to overlook necessary coverages and find that in the event of an incident, you are under-covered, or on the hook for the full amount of damages. Here are a few areas worth covering with your insurance agent.

Bodily injury and property damage, with a “cap” for total damages per claim, is a fairly common coverage for all construction contractors. What is frequently overlooked are aggregates. Multiple claims may run into the aggregate level restriction. This represents the total amount of damages that will be paid by your insurance coverage over the 12 months covered by your policy. You are solely responsible for any claims above this level of coverage.

Products and completed operations aggregate can also be overlooked. If, for example, normal construction or repairs should damage existing infrastructure, like plumbing or electrical, it may not be discovered until months or years later. This coverage is necessary to protect your business once your operations have been completed, from long-term claims against your work.

It is important to know that many base policies might include exclusions from coverage for specific line items. For example, do you know if you are currently covered for claims against subsidence? These niche coverages can be difficult for someone who is not an insurance expert to identify. Koch Insurance Group can help design the right contractor’s professional liability coverage for your operation, and make sure your business is protected.

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