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November 30, 2021

Business: Builder’s Risk Insurance


You may not have heard of Builders’ Risk Insurance, also known as Inland Marine Insurance, but this type of coverage can make a big difference to your business.  This type of additional commercial insurance covers losses resulting from the same events that trigger standard property insurance. For example, most Builder’s Risk policies cover fires, certain types of weather damage, vandalism, and theft.  The difference is, Builder’s Risk  Insurance covers these events at remote sites or in transit because damage can happen anywhere.

Builders’ Risk Insurance protects your business’s insurable assets such as materials, fixtures and/or equipment that is awaiting installation or even after installation during the construction or renovation of a building. If any of these assets suffer physical loss or damage, this would be covered. It also protects your property in transit and property that is stored offsite, including property kept in a warehouse or storage facility,

There are differences in covered exposures and policy types and it can be a little complicated to figure out the right policy for you. Koch Insurance is here to help! When your business is covered by the addition of Builders’ Risk Insurance, you can be sure your inventory and property is protected when moving from site to site or at remote locations.

The professionals at Koch Insurance will consult with you about your business’s unique needs, answer questions and help create the right insurance policy for you and your company. A comprehensive insurance plan including Builders’ Risk Insurance will leave nothing to chance for you or your business.

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