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June 29, 2021

Does your business need Commercial Auto Insurance?! The answer is absolutely!


Commercial Auto Insurance is very important for your business to have if you use any type of vehicle during your daily operations. Commercial Auto Insurance will cover any vehicle you use for business purposes such as cars, trucks and vans. It will cover damage to the vehicle, injury to the drivers and more.

What Will Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

A Commercial Auto Insurance policy will cover your vehicle if it gets damaged while on the job. It will also cover any injury your drivers may incur. It can also cover a situation where someone else gets injured due to one of your vehicles. And it will cover damage to someone else’s property caused by your vehicle. This type of policy will usually have high coverage limits, more so than a personal policy. This is because your business vehicles need greater protection if there is an accident.

What Types of Vehicles Can be Covered by Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial Auto Insurance will cover the vehicles your business uses to do its job. Typical types of vehicles that are covered under the policy would be cars, vans, box trucks, pickup trucks, service utility trucks and food trucks. If you’re like most businesses, your vehicles are busy all day long and an accident or incident may be inevitable eventually. Give yourself the peace of mind that a Commercial Auto Insurance policy can provide. Make sure your business is covered again financial losses caused by a vehicle accident.

Contact the experts at Koch Insurance, to discuss the addition of Commercial Auto Insurance to your comprehensive policy. It’s a smart move that will protect your business in the long run. Let the experts at Koch Insurance assess your insurance needs and help create the right overall plan for your business.

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