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July 7, 2022

Contractors who own their own buildings and storage sites and store equipment in them need commercial property insurance.


Commercial property insurance for contractors includes coverage for business locations owned by the contractor and the property stored inside them, including heavy machinery, borrowed equipment, plus small tools, equipment, and clothing belonging to employees. This type of policy covers both missing and damaged property.

Loss of a contractor’s equipment is a serious business and can mean the death of the company if not properly insured. Not only is there the problem of the loss of the value of the equipment—but there’s also the loss in productivity when time has to be taken to replace, repair or rent other equipment. That means the loss of profit!

It’s important to have secure buildings and storage facilities that make it hard for someone to break in. Also, effective surveillance and security precautions will further discourage theft and vandalism. And you need to keep careful track of keys to equipment and storage areas. It’s also smart to have different keys for different equipment—keys that are not shared by many people.

Remember that having a good security system in place not only reduces your financial risks in terms of replacement or repair of equipment, it also will keep your premiums down. With several losses, your premiums can even double or triple.

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