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October 28, 2022

Do you take your laptop computer home with you at the end of the day?


In today’s busy world, we often take our work home with us, and some of us even get to work at home. Are you aware that your company laptop and desktop computers are likely only covered by commercial property insurance when they are on the company property? When you take them home with you or to a customer site, you need another type of insurance to ensure they are sufficiently covered.

The same is true for photo, video, and other technical company equipment. Whenever you or your employees travel with your equipment, you need commercial inland marine insurance to be sure it is properly covered and you don’t have a big expense on your hands. (While it is true that some commercial property policies cover equipment while in transit, it’s only at a minimal amount.)

If you cinematographers, while traveling to the shooting site, are caught in a terrific thunderstorm resulting in a flooded street, you may not be able to make your way through it with your equipment safely in hand. The same is true if you forget it and leave it in the car and it’s stolen. Commercial inland marine insurance helps replace property if it’s stolen or damaged by the elements like fire, water, wind or hail. Some policies also cover loss due to accidents or mishandling.

It’s a wise business that protects its assets both on and off the business property. Contact Koch Insurance Group and they will help you get the insurance you need.

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