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March 2, 2022

Does your business need commercial umbrella insurance?


If you are like most of us, you really don’t want to spend the extra money on it unless it’s really worth it. Here’s the situation:

If your business makes deliveries–for instance a food supply business–and a driver has an accident that badly injures or kills someone, you could be in for a huge settlement.

If your business is at high risk because of the possible employee injuries involving machinery in your factory, you could be held responsible for millions.

If your business works with celebrities and there is a major, even embarrassing error in the work done, you could be out millions.

If you have a clothing store in the mall and someone slips and falls, sustaining a brain injury, you could be held responsible for millions of dollars.

Everybody is suing everybody these days!

Umbrella Insurance protects you when your primary liability insurance limits have been reached, and it’s especially needed if you have assets worth more than what would be covered by your other policies. In such a case, a court could seize your business assets to make up the difference. After that, the court can even allocate your future earnings to satisfy a judgment. Interestingly, commercial umbrella insurance is worth it when you consider the coverage it provides.

Again, do you suppose your business needs umbrella insurance?

Let Koch Insurance Group advise you on what you need. Their experts can guide you to a safe financial position.

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