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December 21, 2022

Does Your Company Need Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance?


Does your business provide services related to construction, maintenance, or environmental fields? Unfortunately, this may increase the risk of pollution or other environmental impacts, and the fallout often isn’t covered by general liability insurance. Contractors pollution liability insurance can help protect your business.

What Is Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance?
Contractors pollution liability insurance provides third-party coverage for circumstances that cause bodily injury, environmental damage, defense, and clean-up costs that result from pollution caused by your company. This damage could result from gradual or sudden pollution from operational activities, exposure from premises you own, and transportation or disposal exposures.

Who Needs This Coverage?
Some industries are at higher risk of accidentally polluting, like those that deal with hazardous materials, or those that do remediation or demolition. However, even seemingly low-risk activities can result in pollution. Contractors working with roofing, HVAC, construction, grading, paving, storage tanks, and maintenance should also consider contractors pollution liability coverage because of the potential for environmental pollution.

What Is Covered?
While not all pollution liability policies are the same, it’s important to look at two specific components of the policy. One of these is what qualifies as a coverable pollution incident. The second is whether both gradual and sudden pollutant release is covered. The coverage that will best fit your needs will depend on the nature of your business.

Koch Insurance Group can help you find the right policy for contractors pollution liability coverage. Contact us to learn more.

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