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April 7, 2022

Have your business products been stolen while they were being moved from one site to another?


In our complex and violent world, we hear daily about goods being looted from trains and trucks while being transported to customers. In the United States, businesses suffer losses in the billions yearly. As long as there are producers of products, there will always be thieves busy stealing them.

Are you protected?

It used to be that thieves were more interested in and targeted big-ticket items like expensive TVs and electronics, but recent news indicates that less expensive things such as clothing, shoes, purses, food and drinks are on the their list of desired items. That’s because these items are harder to track and easier to fence.

There are many things businesses can do to protect themselves during the transporting of their goods to customer locations such as having their drivers avoid potentially dangerous situations, including high risk routes and slow-moving traffic. They can also avoid displaying on the vehicle what is being transported. Lots of other precautions can be followed, but thieves will find a way.

What you need is inland marine insurance which covers products, equipment and materials during the process of being transported. This type of insurance isn’t found in standard business owners policies but can be purchased as an add-on or as a separate entity. Inland marine insurance pays to repair or replace portable business property, goods and equipment when stolen or damaged in transport. Koch Insurance Group is happy to assists you in getting the protection your business needs.

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