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August 30, 2022

How Builder’s Risk Insurance Coverage Can Help Protect Your Business


Constructing or renovating a building has inherent risks, many of which are difficult to control. Setbacks can be financially devastating, but builder’s risk insurance is a valuable tool to keep your project on track financially. Here are the most common coverages you can expect with a builder’s risk policy.

Vandalism and Theft
Construction sites are a common target of thieves and vandals, so additional insurance is one way to protect your bottom line. This policy will help pay for work that needs to be redone or other costs associated with vandalism or theft.

Non-Severe Weather Damage
Damage to materials from rain, hail, wind, or lightning can be covered with builder’s risk insurance. Damage from natural disasters, though, is not typically included unless you add a severe weather endorsement to your policy.

Fire Damage
Damage from fire to the structure or materials at your construction site can also be covered under builder’s risk insurance. Replacing or repairing any of the affected materials is paid for with your policy.

It’s important to note that it’s not only your physical construction site that’s covered with builder’s risk insurance. Materials stored off-site or damaged in transit are also covered by this additional insurance. Data, signs and scaffolding, documents, and construction delay fees are also paid for with builder’s risk insurance.

At Koch Insurance Group we’re happy to help you learn more about builder’s risk insurance and show you how a policy can help your business. Call us today!

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