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January 31, 2022

How did insurance companies come to use marine to describe transport of cargo and equipment on land, even though marine means “of the sea?”


Way back in the 19th century, land insurance companies didn’t know how to write up policies for fire insurance when railroads came into being because trains were moving objects. But the ocean marine insurance companies did, since they were adept at covering in-transit cargo and equipment movement across the ocean. So the two got into a competition that ended in1933 when the National Associations of Insurance Commissioners separated them, allowing the term “marine” to carry over to cargo and equipment being moved on land.

 Commercial inland marine insurance provides coverage for risk to products, equipment and materials while in transit, while being stored by another party, or while you store the property of another business. Most commercial property insurance does not cover these items unless they are stored on your business’ property.

Anytime you move high-value products to stores, customers or to trade shows and conventions, you need it. So also do businesses that move high-value items like fine art, furniture, appliances, computers, and electronics. Landscapers, food trucks and caterers need it. And you need it if your business involves the use of mobile equipment that needs protection as it moves from job site to job site. 

If you follow the news, you know that billions of dollars’ worth of products are stolen or damaged each year while in transit or while at another business’ location. Your business needs protection that will mitigate your loss.

Koch Insurance Group is here to provide the insurance that will provide that compensation. We are happy to assist you in coming up with the right plan for your business.

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