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May 6, 2022

How do commercial trucking companies keep their insurance costs down when every two hours someone is killed in an accident with a large truck?


Big trucks transport the vast majority of goods back and forth across the country, and we likely see one of these 40-ton vehicles every few minutes, if not seconds, as we travel our roads and highways. They travel at 65 miles per hour and are a big concern to anyone in their way. So how do they afford the insurance needed to keep them in business?

One thing they do is hire experienced drivers who know how to deal with bad roads, bad weather, and other bad working conditions. Perceived as less risky, trucking companies that do this get a higher rating by the insurance company and reduced insurance premiums. It’s the same when considering the driver’s driving record. A history of multiple accidents means a likelihood of more accidents to come and a higher risk for the company and the insurer. Another factor to be considered is the driver’s employment record—a movement from job to job in a short time indicates instability and risk in the driver.

Wise commercial trucking companies can also reduce their insurance premiums by conducting regular maintenance, installing newer equipment like accident avoidance technologies, and finally buying newer trucks when their fleet moves into the range of 8-10 years old.

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