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January 10, 2022

How do you know whether you need personal or commercial vehicle insurance?


There are two questions you need to ask yourself: 

First of all, who owns the vehicle? If your business does, you need commercial insurance.

Secondly, what is the vehicle used for? If for business purposes, again, you need commercial insurance.

But, what if you have a small business and you sometimes do a business activity with your car that is insured under a personal auto insurance policy? For instance, what if you send your employee in your personal car to the airport to pick up a computer expert who has flown in to deal with a technical problem in your business and there is an accident? You are in trouble if your vehicle is only covered by personal auto insurance! You and your business could be sued by anyone involved in the accident, including both the computer expert and your employee.

If you are in the business of charging passengers for rides in a taxi or limousine, you need commercial vehicle insurance. You need it if your business involves delivering goods. And if you are a sales person or a consultant who drives from client to client each week, you need commercial vehicle insurance.

With a personal vehicle insurance policy, you are covered only when an accident occurs while you are driving the vehicle for personal use in activities unrelated to work or while you are driving to or from work.

Koch Insurance Group can help you develop an insurance plan that will be specific to your needs. Call us!

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