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April 27, 2022

If you work from your home, do you need commercial property insurance?


So, you’re starting up your new business and it’s exciting to think you can work in your pajamas all day if you want, take a nap when you like and spend more time with the kids, the cat and the dog. It’s the perfect life–what you’ve always dreamed of.

But what if disaster occurs and your home office is destroyed by a rainstorm or fire? What if a thief peeks in your window, sees your great office equipment and breaks in during the night and steals the computer with all it’s valuable information? And what if the hot water heater located in the bathroom next to the office explodes, destroying what you’ve worked so hard for? None of these possible scenarios will be covered by insurance if you have the wrong kind. Neither your homeowners insurance or renter’s insurance will cover your home business.

The type of insurance you need is commercial property insurance in order to be adequately protected in addition to your homeowner’s or renter’s policy. Commercial property insurance protects the physical assets of your business against fires, explosions, storms, burst pipes, and theft. It will cover computers, furniture, phone systems, other office equipment and your inventory. And it will also cover your business and accounting records and documents.

Koch Insurance Group can help you design the perfect coverage for both your home and business, including the indirect costs from the disruption of your business. Let them help you plan what you need to keep your home business future secure in spite of whatever comes to

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