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January 28, 2023

Inland Marine Insurance: Coverage During Transit


Does your business sell or rent equipment? Are your materials or equipment frequently stored on another site? If so, you should consider inland marine insurance. Here’s what you need to know:

Who Needs It

Businesses that frequently ship products or equipment usually need the additional protection offered by inland marine insurance companies. Additionally, if your equipment is stored in a place other than your primary location, you need extra coverage.

Types of Businesses

Businesses that sell or rent out equipment or other products can benefit from inland marine insurance, because of the potential for damage or theft on worksites or other locations. Contractors that go to multiple work sites, food vendors, and business owners that attend multiple exhibitions or trade shows should protect their property with inland marine insurance.

What It Covers

Inland marine insurance policies cover materials or products while being transported between locations. Your property will also be covered while it’s being stored in an off-site warehouse, storage container, or work site. Property that’s stored on movable vehicles, like in a food truck or locksmith van would also be covered. Any roads or communication towers that are owned by businesses to aid in transportation are covered by inland marine insurance.

If your company needs inland marine insurance, the experts at Koch Insurance Group can help. Learn more about this coverage by contacting us today!

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