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December 28, 2022

Protecting Your Business with Business General Liability Insurance


Owning your own business can be an extremely rewarding venture, but some of the associated risks can be daunting. Commercial general liability insurance provides peace of mind, as well as financial protection for a myriad of potential incidents.

Property Damage
One risk for businesses, especially those with contractors that go onto someone else’s property, is the risk of damaging a client’s property. Whether the damage occurs from an accident caused by an employee, or equipment malfunctions and damages your client’s property, general liability insurance coverage will pay for the damage.

Personal Injury
Personal injury is also a common concern for contractors. Homeowners or other clients may trip on equipment, or be otherwise injured while you’re providing services. Liability insurance can pay for medical bills that result from necessary treatment.

Advertising Injuries
Protection from advertising injuries is also included with general liability insurance. This protects you if you’re accused of copyright infringement, privacy violations, using advertising concepts without permission, and more.

Reputation Protection
General liability insurance can also protect you against personal injury (non-bodily injury) and reputation damage when other businesses attempt to maliciously sue you or inflict personal injury from libel or slander.

General liability insurance is vital for protecting your business against false claims or expensive lawsuits. Investing in an affordable monthly insurance premium can help prevent financial ruin. Contact Koch Insurance Group for help finding the right policy for your business.

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