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January 17, 2022

What kind of liability protection do contractors need?


One important type of liability protection covers the possibility of causing contamination and/or pollution during the process of a job. It’s because while contractors take structures apart, build them, or simply fix things in our houses and buildings, accidents happen and make messes that need cleaning up. These messes often are dangerous to the people near them; for instance, asbestos released while repairing a wall, or mold caused by water leaking when a nail is mistakenly hammered into a pipe. Illnesses can result, and on top of the expensive clean-up, there could be huge lawsuits for medical expenses, causing immense damage to your pocketbook and your reputation as a business.

Dangerous substances like asbestos and mold are just a couple of what are defined as pollutants or contaminants. Others include toxic chemicals, legionella, acids, low level radioactive waste, smoke, soot, fumes, vapor, and petroleum hydrocarbons, among others. And a small accident could lead to tremendous health problems for your workers, your client and for the environment.

Contamination occurs when someone creates or disperses pollutants into any building on land, into the atmosphere around it, into the land itself or any nearby body of water, including groundwater. If your business causes it, it can ruin you unless you have the right liability insurance. 

Koch Insurance Group is expert at analyzing your needs and defining the kind of liability insurance that will protect you, your employees, your customers, and the projects you work on.

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