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June 28, 2022

When Accidents Happen on Contractor Jobsites


What happens if you are proudly showing off the work done on your construction site to impress a new customer, and an accident happens? What if that potential customer gets hit in the head by a falling beam or has an asthma attack resulting from breathing fumes coming from a paint solvent and then dies? Of course, you will be sued—in a big way!

Contractors have higher risks than other commercial enterprises.

Such a scenario may not seem very likely, but if something like this were to happen, how much protection from financial ruin you would have would depends on the kind of insurance coverage you have.

While standard commercial liability insurance does cover many of the same things, the payout limits are much lower and not adequate for the kind of disasters that can happen on a construction site, including on-site, third-party injuries, exorbitant attorney fees, judgments, settlements and funeral expenses.

Contractors general liability insurance is what you need!

Contractors general liability insurance not only covers huge payouts due to injuries, but it also covers any damages done to property during the job, and any mistakes your copywriter makes in coming up with advertising that resembles the copyrighted material of your competitor. Finally, there’s coverage for slander, libel, and other interesting possibilities that may plague your business.

Contact Koch Insurance Group for a more in-depth look at your insurance needs and advice on how to fill them.

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