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April 20, 2022

Your worst nightmare–a customer falling on your business premises and breaking a leg!


Of course you feel terrible for the customer, but if you have the necessary insurance protection against lawsuits that follow such an accident, you can relax a bit. Your business won’t be shattered and shut down because of a sky-high settlement that could come with complications from the injury.

Slip-and-fall accidents are the most common injuries that occur at business locations, leading to over 10% of all claims against small businesses and an average of over $30,000 cost to bring about a settlement.

The type of insurance you need is general liability insurance, which protects you, your customers and clients and any third party such as delivery people, people who do repairs like plumbers and electricians and anyone who’s just plain window shopping. But general liability insurance does not cover your employees–they need to be covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

General liability insurance will cover medical expenses, including the ambulance ride and emergency room care, hospital bills, doctors, bills for meds and follow-up treatments as well as legal expenses if the injured party decides to sue. It also will cover expenses to repair or replace any of their personal property accidentally damaged in the accident.

You need general liability insurance for the protection of your customers, clients, friends and anyone who visits your location. You also need it to protect you and your business from financial disaster. Contact Koch Insurance Group for their expert advice on where to start.

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