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Your Valuable Business Needs the Protection of Commercial Insurance.

Industries We Serve

Koch Insurance Group offers versatile coverage for a myriad of industries. Whether you’re in construction, retail, healthcare, or any other field, we provide personalized insurance solutions designed to secure your business’s future and support growth.


We offer a range of commercial insurance services, designed to safeguard your business in Texas. Our personalized approach means we understand your industry and provide coverage that grows with you.


Empowering Contractors with Custom Insurance Programs. Whether you’re in the oil & gas industry or a plumbing professional, our insurance programs are designed to cater to the intricacies of your work, providing robust coverage and support.

What we do for you


Business Owners Policy

Is a Business Owners Policy Right for You? The many options available in Insurance can often seem confusing or overwhelming, and because each business is unique—


General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance Safeguards Your Livelihood You’ve Worked Hard to Build the Business You Can Be Proud of. Regardless of the size of your business….


Property Insurance

Being locally based, Koch Insurance Group knows your area and understands the circumstances that might threaten your business. Let us help you ensure that….


Commercial Vehicle Insurance

An accident involving vehicles with a larger size and heavier frame may cause extensive damage. Because of this, a different kind of insurance is required as compared to….


Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance and other supplementary insurance can give you peace of mind that you’re covered in any circumstance. With affordable policies and…


Professional Liability Insurance

When choosing Professional Liability Insurance, you’ll want just the right coverage to protect your construction-related business. Let our professional reps…

About Us

You want the best commercial insurance policies for your business. We understand that. From large to small, we’ve worked with companies just like yours for over a decade. We pride ourselves in keeping current on the insurance that will protect your valuable business. Our highly trained professionals will listen to your needs for your business today and the growth you plan for the future.

We’re Local

Koch Insurance Group is also local, just like you. We recognize the needs of businesses right here and the issues most likely to affect our region. Because of this, we can tailor coverage specific to your region and needs. You can be confident that you’re protected, so that you can focus on building your company.

We’re proud to serve commercial businesses like yours in Spring, The Woodlands, North Houston, Tomball, Conroe, Cypress, Magnolia and throughout all of Texas.

Our Industries

Oil & Gas

For the oil and gas industry, Koch Insurance delivers robust insurance solutions that cater to the sector’s unique challenges, including environmental risks, operational accidents, and complex regulatory demands, ensuring both safety & operational excellence.


Construction & Contracting

In the construction industry, where risks and responsibilities are as substantial as the projects undertaken, commercial insurance stands as an indispensable ally.


Emerging Technology

Commercial insurance for emerging technology companies is vital, addressing specific risks like cyber threats and intellectual property disputes, ensuring these innovative firms can focus on growth and technological advancement without undue worry.



Koch Insurance offers tailored insurance solutions for the manufacturing industry, covering risks like equipment breakdowns, supply chain disruptions, and workplace injuries to ensure smooth operations and business growth.


“If you are looking for an insurance team that will work hard for you, The Koch Insurance Group is the one. Adam is a very honest and sincere man. His success is well deserved. I am happy to recommend him!"


Tiara James


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Is Your Recreational Fleet Properly Insured Against Disaster?

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